Trail Ambassador Calendar

July 2024

  • - Gold Lake (1150) - Seedhouse Road/ Slavonia Trailhead
  • J - - Seedhouse Road/ Slavonia Trailhead
  • - Gilpin Lake (1161) - Seedhouse Road/ Slavonia Trailhead
  • J - Slavonia Trailhead Table-
  • - Slavonia Trailhead Table-
  • T2- Stillwater Trailhead Table
  • Slavonia Trailhead Table
  • - Mad Creek/Swamp Park (1100)-
  • - Three Island Lake (1163) - Seedhouse Road/ Slavonia Trailhead
  • T, J - Three Island Lake (1163) - Seedhouse Road/ Slavonia Trailhead
  • T1 - Gilpin Lake (1161) - Seedhouse Road/ Slavonia Trailhead
  • T - Routt Divide Trail (1108 - from Harrison Rd)-
  • T1 - Hooper Lake (1860), Keener Lake (1860.1A)-
  • T2 - Swamp Park (1100) - Seedhouse Road/ Slavonia Trailhead
  • T2 - Devils Causeway (via 1119)-
  • - CDT North/Wyoming Trail (1101 - from Dumont TH)-
  • T - Sand Creek (1123)-
  • - Other-
  • - Sarvis Creek (1105 West TH)-

FOW Event Calendar

July 2024

  • FOW Board Meeting
  • Zirkels All Hands Day

Trail Report Submissions

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Entry Point
Destination, Route or Area Covered
Exit Point
Tailgate Safety Meeting Topics
Estimate of Trail Mileage traveled
# of Trees Cleared
# of Campsites Rehabilitated
Work Completed
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# Cars at trailhead
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# Day-Use Visitors Observed
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Trail Comments
Primary Purpose of Trip
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Pounds of Trash Removed
If Noxious Weed Identification or Campsite Inventory - Include number of hours - Use full trip time, door to door (this is for Wilderness Statistics)
Date in
2024-07-18  11:12sparks173@gmail.comB Sparks, K. Pharris7/15/2024Sherrifs Res.Sand Lakesherrifsmosquitoes, watch weather, water,4.101trash pickup in parking lot .5 #, identified numerous plumeless thistles close to Crater Lake, rehaded fire ring less than 15' from Spring Lake,10-12" tree across the trail at .96 mi into sand lake trail with leaner on top of it.
signin box and information kiosk need easier access. soil eroded plus brown box not noticable from parking lot; no one who we spoke with had signed in
20602 fishing, 4 day hikers, 4 dogs. trail very dry, lots of flowers and great variety including elephant heads and bog orchids at Sand LakePatrol & Education, Noxious Weed Identification for Wilderness Stewardship60.577/15/2024
2024-07-17  17:28lained100@gmail.comElaine Dermody7/17/2024Dumont Lake/ CDTCTDDumont LakeWatch for falling trees/branches, watch for bikers and drink water400Public contactTrail in could shape other than some muddy areas121531A beautiful blue sky day with a light breeze most of the time.. Wildflowers were beautiful. Mosquitoes were abundant at times. My daughter signed the waiver and hiked with me. A fair number of bikers and 3 gals on horseback.Patrol & Education3707/17/2024
2024-07-17  16:55karenmcnish@hotmail.comKaren McNish in conjunction with trail maintenance crew on same day7/16/2024Lake Katherinetrailhead to Lake KatherineLake Katherine trailheadweather6Spoke with 7 visitors. No trash at trailhead, noxious weed survey but not removal.See trail maintenance report on same day670One fisherman going to Big Horn. All others to Lake Katherine.Patrol & Education77/16/2024
2024-07-17  08:42curt.1rogers@gmail.comBarbara Wilson, Curtis Rogers7/16/2024Encampment Trailhead (1152)Southeast intersection of the West Fork and Main Fork trails near West Fork LakeEncampment THAfternoon thunderstorms forecast, location of first aid kits29.5560Cleared smaller trees, all less than 8" diameter, from the West Fork Trail, removed a small amount of trash.131 trees remain on the West Fork trail including 30 with diameters greater than 12" (max diameter of roughly 30"). Of the 131 trees approximately 20 are step overs. The tree count does not include 7 trees leaning across the trail that might be safely removable. Many of the boardwalks on the West Fork trail are in bad shape with broken treads or sections completely removed from their original locations. There is a large section of the trail that is acting as a stream. Scouted trail 1204.2a toward Manzanares Lake - 1.6 mile connector has 68 trees down across the trail. Scouted the Main Fork trail from the 1153 / 1152 junction north approximately 1 mile and found 75 trees down across the trail. Scouted the Main Fork trail from the 1153 / 1152 junction south approximately 0.25 miles and found 31 trees down across the trail.0100Based on the cuttings (medium fine and all on one side of 9"+ diameter trees) it looks like a chainsaw has been used 0.2 mile inside of the Wilderness boundary. There were afternoon thunderstorms each day. A trip highlight was a Bald Eagle soaring over West Fork Lake in front of a double rainbow. Starting to see mushrooms (Boletus and Amanitas ???)Trail Maintenance, Informal Trail Scouting/Reconnoissance00.17/14/2024
2024-07-17  08:16brad.kruelskie@gmail.comDon Campbell Karen McNish Marge Gustin Susan Hoelzer Julie Chase Dan Schaffrick Brad Kruelskie7/16/20241129 1157 Lone Pine / Lake Katherine THLake Katherine1129 1157 Lone Pine / Lake Katherine THSaw Safety - especial emphasis on communication when using saws5170Removed fallen trees from trail1) Approximately fifteen trees remain on 1157 Lake Katherine Trail between the Lone Pine Creek crossing and the Lake. These fallen trees are generally 12 inches to 18 inches in diameter. 2) There is a 22 inch diameter fallen tree lying on the 1129 Lone Pine Trail between the TH and the creek crossing.3060A 30 minute heavy rain and hail storm cut our work day short. The water crossing at Lone Pine Creek is passable - the creek was about 12 - 15 inches deep. The hikers we encountered were sightseers and fishermen headed to the lakes.Trail Maintenance607/16/2024
2024-07-17  07:22jachase104@gmail.comJulie Chase ; Kim Hiser7/14/2024Mandall Lakes #1121Black Mandall and Mandall Slide LakeTH #1121Talked about the sheep grazing, communicate between Kim and I,8000no trees on trail, seems like alot of thistles along and around trail4100hikers going to lakes and saddle; trail in good shape; beautiful flowersPatrol & Education17107/14/2024
2024-07-16  22:52patrolchick@gmail.comKim Hiser, Emily Seaver7/12/2024Slavonia TH, Gold Creek Lake Trail #1150Destination to big log across Gold CreekSlavonia THHeat and sun related injuries, dehydration, mosquitoes4Opened several silt filled waterbars, pulled some invasive weeds, trimmed some branchesTop rail on one section of the bridge is broken and needs replaced. No wilderness regulations at the wilderness boundary, just a post and a pile of boards.370308Very warm sunny day with wildflowers in abundance. The Scarlet Gilia and Wild Roses were beautiful. Most hikers doing the Zirkel Circle but some were heading to Gold Lake or Gilpin to fish. Most overnighters were planning on camping around Gilpin. We had the opportunity to talk about the camping restrictions around the Lake and handed out some maps to the overnighters that were new to the trail. We observed one CDT through hiker. Spoke to a wonderful group of 6 Rocky Mountain Youth Corp individuals that were in between assignments that were hiking the Circle. Trail in good shape. The pay box has been installed as well as a box of envelopes, however no instructional signage regarding fees posted as of the date of this hike.Patrol & Education387/12/2024
2024-07-16  15:09pjstmbt@gmail.comPriscilla Jones/ Barb Sparks7/13/2024Stillwater /Trail #1120Mosquito Lake and backStillwaterSun, mosquitos, bug spray, hydration501Greeted day hikers and back packers, ensured they signed in /out and placed maps in box, checked posters to see if need replacing, identified noxious weeds, rehabbed 1 illegal campsite (reforestation area, but had fire ring that was recently used). Removed wrappers, deer ? skull, plastic from parking lot. Very little trash at illegal campsite.No additional work needed391344Trail in good shape, sunny day with threat of storms on return, hikers mainly going to Mosquito Lake or doing Devil's Causeway Loop. Backpackers going to Chinese Wall Trail and possibly Devil's Causeway Loop (starting late in the day). All hikers appeared to be prepared and compliant with regulations.Patrol & Education, Noxious Weed Identification for Wilderness Stewardship, Campsite Inventory for Wilderness Stewardship3837.757/13/2024
2024-07-16  14:51cindybosco10@gmail.comCindy Bosco, Don Campbell7/15/2024Mandall Lakes TH, FS #1121 Mandall trailMandall Lakes THMosquitoes, stream crossings, weather500Noxious weed ID, including removal of HoundstongueNothing of immediate attention required61112Other than widening of trail at several of the stream crossings, trail was in great shape.Informal Trail Scouting/Reconnoissance, Noxious Weed Identification for Wilderness Stewardship1305.757/15/2024
2024-07-15  13:32Lynnsidman@gmail.comLynn Sidman Dave Kinnear7/15/2024Dumont TH1101 from Dumont TH to Base CampDumont THWeather, Epi-Pen,6.500picked up litter, engaged with visitorsnone trail is in excellent condition7042Flowers are fabulous, met 2 thru hikers, met one horse trail patroller, Marianne Stesick (sp) who patrols up near the sheep as they migrate. I think she is in touch with folks from the Parks Office. She was not in uniform but quite knowledgeablePatrol & Education20007/15/2024
2024-07-14  16:46arlene@karlins.netLaura Foulk, Arlene Karlin7/14/2024Stillwater TrailheadDevil's Causeway-1119Stillwater Trailhead10 essentials, light maintenance, weather, dehydration, insect repellent5.0500Visitor interaction, educationSomeone has scratched "Devels Causway" on the trail junction sign # 1119/1120. Other signs/trailhead look great.2822914Trail in excellent shape, Columbine's/wild flowers were in full bloom. Mosquitos were abundant. Large moose was observed by hikers at Stillwater reservoir. Afternoon thunderstorms. Visitors were happy and enjoyed the back country.Patrol & Education430.17/14/2024
2024-07-13  15:28jachase104@gmail.comJulie Chase7/9/2024North Lake #1164hiked up and past burn scarTH # 1164SAFETY!!!!!! watch the weather8250Worked with forest crew on trees, greeted the hikersJerry has this report3000trail wet before river crossing; it rained and hailed on way downConducted both Patrol & Maintenance9007/9/2024
2024-07-13  15:16jachase104@gmail.comJulie Chase7/7/2024Heart Lake #11103.5 miles to Moody CreekTH #1110new hike!!! pay attention7000lots of down trees. not sure who clears1000The trail and surroundings are beautiful but trail is hard to hikePatrol & Education0007/7/2024
2024-07-13  10:04lynnsidman@gmail.comLynn Sidman, Elaine Dermody, Laura Schindler7/12/2024Burn Ridge TrailheadBurn Ridge to the South Fork River crossingBurn Ridge Trailheadsun/heat, epi-pen, afternoon wind4.500collected trash, engaged with visitorsnone4000Beautiful sunny day, trail is in perfect condition, river is 1.5-2 feet at the crossing, Robert and Denise have cleaned the remainders of a large bonfire (from the 4th weekend) in the parking area. Burn scar is there, be mindful of nails in the area.Patrol & Education717/12/2024
2024-07-12  17:51panebake@gmail.comJanet Panebaker; Lori Wiles (T 1 hike #2)7/11/2024Stillwater TH Trail #1122Hooper-Keener-Edge lakes Return over Flattop Mtn.StillwaterNotification; bugs, weather, downfall; light trail work; 10 essentials; pack contents;101checked campsites; minimal trash removedtrail damage at mi 2/ steep section - horses narrowed trail ~20'; 11 trees - some blocking horse access; called Yampa dist USFS1264Cumulus cloud build-up; no lightning; ~ 50ft snow at top; easy to cross; overnight hikers: Hooper - 3; Devil's Causeway area - 1Patrol & Education67/11/2024
2024-07-11  15:46dlscifres@yahoo.comDenise Scifres7/7/2024Three Island Trail head 1163Three Island TrailThree Island Trail Headweather; animals; bugs420recon trip for the upcoming lopping training dayLopping of trail, water bars need cleaning91101weather was good; trail in good shapePatrol & Education1107/7/2024
2024-07-11  12:40rsummerill1@gmail.comKaren Pharris, Barbara Sparks, Rosalie Summerill7/8/2024Mad Creek #1100Mad Creek to Saddle Trail (#1140) to Red DirtRed Dirt #1171Tool safety, need for hydration as day was warm and dry, awareness of dead trees500ID and removal of invasive species, visitor contact, trimming on Red Dirt, trash removal in RD and MC parking lots (paper, plastic, tie down straps, rope, rubber pieces, many tin cans). Houndstongue ID’d and removed from Saddle Trail at 40•35’6”N 106•53’36”.Trail sign at junction of Red Dirt and Saddle Trail needs replacement/repair. Two downed trees (10”-12”) on Saddle Trail approximately 0.2 and 0.4 miles from jct with Red Dirt need removal. Saddle and Red Dirt trail are lush and overgrown. Trimming needed in near future. Aspen on RD tr at 40•35’27”N and 106•54’18”W (approx 1 mile from TH) broken approx 12’ high and across trail, appears stable, not a hindrance to hikers and horses, should be watched over time for movement.300550Warm, sunny day. Beautiful. Many day hikers out enjoying hike, many with dogs (16). Destination to Barn or site of old bridge and return. One large group of 14. Trail very dry with tall (3’) vegetation particularly Saddle and Red Dirt trailsPatrol & Education, Trail Maintenance, Noxious Weed Identification for Wilderness Stewardship3466.257/8/2024
2024-07-11  11:17schaffrick@comcast.netBecky Lewis, Melanie Boone, Curtis Rogers, Jay Gallagher, George Smith, Dan Schaffrick7/10/2024Slavonia TH1150 to 1161 to Gilpin SaddlesamePPE, tools, communication, weather, overnight preparation12511Finished clearing trails on Gold Creek side of Zirkel Circle. Rehabbed illegal campsite too close to creek. Scouted Wyoming Trail 1101 (Sheep Draw) about halfway up to divide. Visited the lake that evening and found no campers but did discover several illegal sites within 1/4 mile restriction - surveyed those sites for CSI project. Engaged numerous hikers along trail.SIGN DAMAGE - wilderness regulations poster board still needs replacing after being destroyed by falling tree - trail sign at junction of 1150 & 1161 needs new post, sign is mounted on 2' tall post. Cleanup/rehabilitation of illegal sites around lake2102017Entire Zirkel Circle is now clear. Considerable amount of snow on north side of saddle above lake but most other snow patches melting quickly. Creek crossings are more manageable now but require caution - water fast and cold. Mosquito season is not over yet. Saw Avid Adventure group of 11 campers and family group of 14 day hikers as well as smaller groups of both day hikers and overnight visitors.Trail Maintenance, Campsite Inventory for Wilderness Stewardship37117/9/2024
2024-07-10  19:03lynnsidman@gmail.comArlene Karlin, Lynn Sidman7/10/2024slavoniaMica TrailSlavoniaWeather, Epi-Pen,Water, Sunscreen, Radio operation4.5003rd training shadow, visitor education024090Trails are in excellent condition, the rock lead up to the boardwalk is great, Pay station kiosk is in place, flowers are beautiful, water crossings are low and the signs and posts previously noted are all good, Thanks TMPatrol & Education1707/10/2024
2024-07-10  16:15cindybosco10@gmail.comCindy Bosco, Karen McNish, Barb Sparks7/10/2024Routt Divide Trail (#1108 - from Harrison Rd)-Routt Divide Trail (from Picnic Area)-Picnic Area / trailhead near #1108Mosquitoes, storm and sun exposure200removed parking lot litter, dog waste bag and through-hikers' trashTrail in good condition to bridge70104Four CDT through-hikers, day 70 for them, resting at picnic shelter, headed north. Encountered mosquito swarms and periods of rain, thunder. Snow still present in deep shade above bridge.Patrol & Education, Noxious Weed Identification for Wilderness Stewardship14237/10/2024
2024-07-10  16:01jenny.lee.maxwell@gmail.comJenny Maxwell6/27/2024Sarvis Wilderness - Silver Creek Trail (West Portal)Silver Creek TrailSarvis Wilderness - Silver Creek Trail (West Portal)N/A900Moved small/medium branches on the ground of the trail to the side of the trailAll distances (from trailhead) and diameters approx. **Fallen trees: (1) 8" diameter at 0.1 mi at knee-height; (2) 6" diameter tree at 0.15 mi on the ground w/ most of tree running up the trail, i.e., not perpendicular to trail; (3) 10" diameter at 3.4 mi at knee-height; (4) 8" diameter at 3.45 mi at a few inches above ground; (5) 6" diameter at 3.8 mi at a few inches above ground. **Tree branches sticking all the way into trail: (1) 3" diameter at 2.2 mi at head-height; (2) 3" diameter fuzzy branch at 3.85 mi at chest-height. I don't remember seeing the Wilderness sign; I think a previous trail report has also noted this issue.0000It was a very quiet day on the trail. No visitors encountered. Weather slightly overcast; rain started on way home from trail. Lovely, varied wildflowers, especially in first mile of hike. Mosquitos were out, especially in first 1-2 miles of hike.Informal Trail Scouting/Reconnoissance006/27/2024
2024-07-10  07:54portjefferson56@gmail.comPriscilla Jones, Julie Chase, Jack Parkhouse, Pete Soller, Dan DalMar, Barbra Wilson, Karen McNish, Marge Gustin, Jerry Mosoce7/9/2024North Lake TrailheadFrom trailhead to top edge of trees below North LakeNorth Lake TrailheadHydration, footing, positioning of you and others, work the plan8120Cleared trail to just below lake. Rain, wind and hail forced the crews to turnaroundOne tree left at upper edge of tress above the burn scar/below the lake2007Weather started out warm and sunny then wind rain and small hail hit in early afternoon. All visitors we’re hiking CDT. One reported hiking 1400 miles. Trail in good shape except for muddy area before wilderness boundary. Worked with Forest Service trail crew who removed about 12 trees. Trees (60+) observed on scouting hike had been removed (possibly by chainsaw)but don’t know by who. Numerous trees removed in burn scar.Conducted both Patrol & Maintenance707/9/2024
2024-07-10  07:11brad.kruelskie@gmail.comBrad Kruelskie Susan Hoelzer Mike Schumacher Peter Tyler7/9/2024Slavonia TH -Trail 1161 - Gilpin LakeGilpin LakeSlavonia1) Importance of Communication during saw operations; 2) Situational awareness while hiking; 3) Use caution during water crossings9.7570Cleared 1161 Gilpin Lake Trail form trailhead to Gilpin Lake. Placed rock at east end of new causeway to form transition from trail to causeway deck surface.We left one 6-inch leaning tree over the trail. A horse and rider could get under it but only after dismounting.12084We removed 7 fallen trees from the trail, including a 30 inch log that we were able to roll off the trail and a 26 inch near the lake.

Water crossings were passable.

Dogs were on leash.

Nice wildflowers, including numerous Glacier Lillies near Gilpin Lake and a few Columbine.
Trail Maintenance80.17/9/2024
2024-07-09  21:21desjardin@sbcglobal.netKaren Desjardin, Denise Scifres7/9/2024#1163 Three Island Lake hiked past lake to stream crossing#1163 trailheadApply bug spray, take tools for lopping, hydrate9Pruned encroaching vegetation from first .75 mile of trail.More lopping needed on remainder of trail. One ten inch tree down across trail about 1/4 mile above lake. Wilderness reg sign 1/4 mile before lake is lying on ground and with one post standing and a pile of boards. Looks a mess and needs to be fixed.70186This was to be a lopping demo day with Denise. The two of us spent a couple hours pruning vegetation overgrowing trail, including lots of chokecherry, from first .75 mile. I then continued on to Three Island Lake and to water crossing above lake. Water crossing was about 1.5 feet deep at mid day, calm water to wade through. Many of the day-use visitors encountered were camping at Seedhouse. One was fly fishing and caught several brookies. Saw Diane and Dave Miller who were hiking up with kids and goats to spend a couple of nights out. Sunny and hot in the morning with a shower in the afternoon.Conducted both Patrol & Maintenance167/9/2024
2024-07-08  11:36l.shindler@comcast.netLaura Shindler7/7/2024Mad Creek TH1118 (I think - confusing up on top)Mad Creek THapplied insect repellant900Trimming along trail. Once into Wilderness, even more trimming needed.Talked w 2 people coming back from 4 nights at Luna Lake which they accessed via MC. Party of 6 total. Said lots of trees down up by Luna Lake and hard to navigate trails up there.160412Sunny morning, cloudy w rain in afternoon. Count includes one trail runner and 4 bikers.Conducted both Patrol & Maintenance2107/7/2024
2024-07-07  19:31rangerwinchester@gmail.comWin Dermody7/6/2024Slavonia TrailheadSlavonia TrailheadSlavonia TrailheadUse Sunscreen000Public Contact. Set up an information table at the Slavonia TrailheadN/A80012312321THE USFS SHOULD NOT INSTALL THE FEE TUBE AND BEGIN FEE COLLECTION UNTIL THERE IS A WRITTEN AND PUBLICIZED TRAFFIC PLAN FOR THE TRAILHEAD AND FOW TRAILHEAD VOLUNTEERS HAVE HAD A CHANCE TO REVIEW IT AND COMMENT ON IT..Patrol & Education144007/6/2024
2024-07-07  16:19tonys75657@aol.comTony Seaver Emily Seaver7/7/2024Dumont Lake Day Use Area.Trail 1101 ( CDT ) north and backDumont Lake Day Use AreaStrong wind at TH600Visitor contact and educationThree logs on trail - one 18" about 100yds beyond bridge over Muddy Creek,
two ( 18" and 16" ) about a mile further.
5042Beautiful clear cool day, windy in open areas, many mosquitos in quiet forested areas.
Spectacular columbines, a little early for the rest. The 2 overnighters were CDT through
hikers - northbound.
Patrol & Education2907/7/2024
2024-07-07  15:34klwhitney79@gmail.comKaren Whitney, Lynn Sidman, Cindy Kinnear7/7/2024Slavonia TrailheadSlavonia Trailhead TableSlavoniaBee stings (2 members had epi pens); mosquitos, sunscreen, Narcan available but not needed1.800picked up 2 bags of dog poop and some other trashThe boardwalk at the beaver pond is fantastic and will be even better when completed -- seems like all it needs is some rocks to step down onto one end of one section.3605633Weather was perfect and everybody was very happy to be out on the trail. Those coming out from Gilpin or Mica had complimentary things to say about the new boardwalk. The snow on the pass above Gilpin Lake was not a problem for anybody; some slid down. They appreciated Lynn's pictures of the Gold Creek log crossing. Reports were that the Mica stream crossing was between 8-12" deep but doable. Animals observed were mule deer and long-tailed weasel. Flowers observed were sticky geranium, wild rose, penstemon, thimbleberry blossoms, Indian Paintbrush, and Skyrocket.Patrol & Education8917/7/2024
2024-07-06  19:28patrolchick@gmail.comKim Hiser, Lynn Sidman, Julie Chase7/6/2024Stillwater TrailheadTrailhead tableStillwater Trailheadweather, wind, mosquitoes, medical1.600Trash and dog poopTwo different hikers on Devil's Causway trail #1119 reported a tree across the trail approximately 1/3 of the way up. No diameter given. There is a social trail around the tree44012414Beautiful sunny, windy cool day. Great day for a trailhead table at Stillwater. We had lots of visitors stopping by. Lots of wildflowers and the Columbine is near peak. Mosquitoes in full force when the wind died down. Majority of trail users heading to Devil's Causeway, several doing the loop. Second most popular destination was Mosquito Lake followed by North Derby Trail/Hooper Keener Lake area. Many users fishing Stillwater and Mosquito, however only one fish reported being caught. Overnight user destinations included Mosquito Lake, Little Causeway Lake, Causeway Lake, Trappers, Round Lake, Lost Lakes and the Hooper/Keener area. Some small and very easily navigated areas of snow reported on Devil's Causeway trail and North Derby trail below the saddle. There was report of a tree down on Devil's Causeway trail about 1/3 of the way up and a social trail has started around it. No estimate of size given. One large family group was walking around the Stillwater dam. Trailhead registers for Mandall Lakes, Smith Lake, North Derby Trail and the Causeway trail were all serviced. Completed sign in sheets were collected and new ones placed along with Flat Tops maps and wilderness regulations. Both Causeway and North Derby registers were completely full and North Derby had a variety of hand written notes, cards and papers. Interestingly, we had 2 separate hikers report that their dogs refused to cross the Causeway despite the owners having already crossed it!Patrol & Education13827/6/2024
2024-07-06  16:18jaygalla@comcast.netJay Gallagher7/6/2024Elk Park Rd (FS 314)Elk ParkElk Park RdAvoid debris in roadway, care at two water crossings820Counted trees across road; some tree debris clean up13 trees down total:
12 trees (5”-15”) down between FS 314 gate and Bear Creek Crossing; only 1 tree down after Bear Creek just below Elk Park. The trail sign at top of Lower Bear Trail at Bear Creek Crossing still needs to be planted in ground.
Discovered 10 ft Leafy Spurge noxious weed infestation in cut bank in second switchback above FS 314 gate.
2050First 50 yds of road beyond FS 314 gate are extremely rough and remain wet and muddy. There are also two drying mud holes in the second switchback section above. The road above to Bear Creek is mostly dry. Road section soft in meadow between Bear Creek and Hot Springs Creek. Road dry from Hot Springs Creek to head of Elk Park.Informal Trail Scouting/Reconnoissance007/6/2024
2024-07-05  20:27rangerwinchester@gmail.comWin Dermody7/5/2024Slavonia TrailheadSlavonia Trailhead Information TableSlavonia TrailheadApply sunscreen.000Public ContactInstall Fee Tube. Level picnic table foundation, pour slab and assemble and install picnic table.8008123Perfect Day. I worked the trailhead information table for 8 hours.Patrol & Education104007/5/2024
2024-07-05  20:19rangerwinchester@gmail.comWin Dermody7/4/2024Slavonia TrailheadInformation Table At The TrailheadInformation TableApply Sunscreen000Public ContactFee Tube needs to be installed. Picnic table slab needs to be leveled before pouring the slab. It is not level now.4405520I worked the Slavonia trailhead information table for 8 hours. Weather was perfect.Patrol & Education7507/4/2024
2024-07-05  19:37beckyalewis@aol.comBecky Lewis7/5/2024Sand Creek trail, #1123to junction with #1165Sand Creek trail, #1123watch for muddy and water filled trails11.2140Removed 14 trees.There is only one tree left on the trail up to #1165. It is about 14" and is .9 mi from the trailhead. The trails to Sand and Crater Lakes are also clear.2000Weather was cool, breezing, and sunny. I saw no other people on the trail, although there were a number of people fishing in Sheriff Res. In the large meadow near the junction with #1165. I saw dozens of cow and calf elk together. Two years ago, I saw about the same number at that some meadow. Trail was mostly dry, and the stream crossings were easy. The meadows were still very wet.Trail Maintenance007/5/2024
2024-07-05  19:30beckyalewis@aol.comBecky Lewis7/4/2024Black Mountain Creek #1117Round Lake, via 1117 to 1119Black Mountain Creek #1117Caution on 2 large stream crossings.16.690Cleared 9 trees, limbed a 12" leaner, removed many large branches, repaired trail signs at 1117-1119 and 1117-1200, and pulled branches onto many braided trails.There is a large tree at 1.85 from trailhead that is mostly along the trail. There is a walk around, but the tree needs to be removed. There remain many braided trails likely due to the horse traffic during hunting season.0000Weather was cool, sunny and breezy. Amazingly, I did not see another hiker on any of the trails. Many trails are muddy or full of water. The trails disappear in many of the meadows, but the tree cairns are pretty good to show the way in most places. More tree cairns could be put up though for folks who have not hiked that trail before. Still some snow on the trails. I saw lots of elk tracks and no human tracks.Trail Maintenance007/4/2024
2024-07-05  19:18beckyalewis@aol.comBecky Lewis7/3/2024Bunker Basin Trail, #1109to Haley ReservoirBunker Basin Trail, #1109New trail, so caution8.8130Removed 13 trees, removed lots of large branches, and rebuilt a water bar/stream diversion that was allowing a stream to go down the trail.
There are about 6 step over tree that are 8"-12". There are 3 other trees that are 10"-24", and one 15" leaner. The first is about .8 from the trailhead, and the last one, the 24", is about 3.3 miles from trailhead. The others are all between those 2.
Weather was cool, breezy, and sunny. Many spots on the trail were muddy. I saw no one else hiking. Lots of gorgeous wildflowers. I had not been on this trail before, and it is lovely, although as the name suggests, it goes down into a basin to the Reservoir, so it is a bit of a climb back out.
Trail Maintenance007/3/2024
2024-07-04  17:22lained100@gmail.comElaine Dermody7/4/2024Slovenia trailheadGilpin Lake Trail #1161Slovenia trailheadDrink water and watch for falling trees/limbs400Visitor educationAll work needed previously reported440155Beautiful blue sky day with nice breeze.Patrol & Education1507/4/2024
2024-07-04  07:29jachase104@gmail.comJulie Chase7/3/2024Rainbow Lake #1130To Rainbow Lake and backTrail Head #1130Safety, stay hydrated, aware of the wind6.6500Greeted hikers on trail, worked with maintenanceJerry has report on this3002Perfect day, no violations observed, trail in good conditionConducted both Patrol & Maintenance707/2/2024
2024-07-03  17:34ALPINELLAMASHOP@GMAIL.COMBarbara Wilson7/3/2024Pleasant Rabbit 308To end of public accessPleasant Rabbit 308Travelling alone so Informed someone of where I was going and carried SPOT device.I was going84Cleared 4 trees.Appears a chainsaw has recently cleared the trail. Trail in great condition except for large culvert washed out.1010Trail in excellent condition except for culvert washout. Saw 6 elk.Trail Maintenance17/3/2024
2024-07-03  08:06portjefferson56@gmail.comSusan Hoelzer, Melanie Boone, Becky Lewis, Karen McNish, Julie Chase, Dan Schaffrick, Curtis Rogers, Peter Tyler,, Jay Gallagher, Jerry Mosoce7/2/2024Rainbow Lake TrailheadTo Rainbow LakeRainbow Lake TrailheadWet trail-be careful of footing, hydration, be aware of your surroundings and position, work the cut plan7570Removed 57 trees from the trail up to and by the lakeTwo step overs to remove- one along the lake and the other about 2 miles in.5072The day was sunny, cool and breezy. Trail is in good shape with some muddy sections closer to the lake. See report from Karen McNish on invasive weedsTrail Maintenance507/2/2024
2024-07-01  19:37patrolchick@gmail.comKim Hiser, Karen Desjardin6/30/2024Slavonia THMica Basin #1161, #1162Slavonia THWeather, water crossings, medical issues, animals6.4Some pruning, assisted with cutting 4 trees, only 3 small items of trash near restroomWilderness Regulations sign at the Wilderness Boundary was sitting on posts. The plywood has deteriorated and needs replaced.2802610Trail #1161 in great shape up to Mica Basin Trail #1162. The two logs that were previously over the trail on #1161 have been cut. Mica Basin Trail in relatively good shape up to the water crossing. Water crossing levels on #1162 at noon were approximately 1ft deep. No snow encountered on the trail to that point. Reports are that conditions were muddy past the water crossing and overnight users reported there were snow free camping areas around the lake. Lake edges were muddy. Some reported catching cutthroat at the lake. Spoke to 2 overnight users that skied Big Agnes. They reported the snow was patchy. Some overnight users reported seeing a half dozen Big Horn Sheep past the water crossing last weekend (6/22 & 6/23) but did not see them this weekend. Saw lots of Marsh Marigolds, Glacier Lilies and Globe Flower near the rocks above the water crossing. Some Parry's Primrose near the waterfall. Returned on trail #1161, and bumped into Denise who gave us a tutorial on creating the "magic box". Assisted her with cutting 4 small trees. Overall, six overnighters camped at Mica, four camped near Gilpin. Some hikers completed the circle and some had issues with their dogs not wanting to cross logs. A beautiful but hot, rain free day!Patrol & Education366/30/2024
2024-06-30  17:49lynnsidman@gmail.comLynn Sidman6/30/2024SlavoniaGold Lake Trail to the log crossingSlavoniaWeather, medical issues, supplies notes to be taken300photos of the Gold Trail log. They will be used this busy weekend at the trailhead tables9 Circle hikers there are about 20 trees above Gold Lake Stream's 2nd crossing that folks are starting to create trails to walk around
Gold Lake Wilderness boundary sign area, the Wilderness regs have been torn down and the signpost is in pieces piled next to the trail
34022Gold lake log does not have water flowing over it and was used going both directions today
Mica Lake Trail is open (no snow) to and the fishing was good
Snow on Trail from the Pass thru the switchbacks above Gilpin Lake
Informal Trail Scouting/Reconnoissance1606/30/2024
2024-06-30  14:56boonemel1@gmail.comMelanie Boone, Becky Lewis6/30/2024Mandall LakesMandall Lakes to Mandall Creek Trail to meadowMandall LakesWatch for muddy trails and building clouds9.800No work neededOther than the continued braiding of trails at the TH and a few places higher up, all was good.4095We ran into Trey, from the FS, just as we were starting up the trail. He reported no trees which was the case.
The trail was muddy in the low areas, but most seemed to be staying in the treadway. The third crossing over Mandall Creek was a bit dicey with some wobbly trees. Otherwise, a beautiful day with lovely columbines. Only negative was the mosquitos, so put on the bug juice.
Informal Trail Scouting/Reconnoissance106/30/2024
2024-06-30  11:22curt.1rogers@gmail.comBarbara Wilson, Curtis Rogers6/29/2024Slavonia THZirkel Circle (1150 - 1161)Slavonia THTake care at water crossings, review 1st aid kits11260Cleared 26 downed trees, limbed 8 trees, interacted with 9 trail users,Wilderness regulation sign at boundary on Gold Creek Lake Trail (1150) is broken - pic to Jerry M. 54 trees across trail as follows: Gold Ck log water crossing to Gold Lake 9 trees (max 12"), Gold Lake to Robert's Valley 27 trees (1- 24 to 30"), Robert's Valley to 1161 Jct 11 trees (2-24", 1-30"), 1160 Jct to top of Gilpin Pass 4 trees (1-30"), Immediately above Gilpin Lake 5 trees (max 9"), Only 3 trees below Gilpin Lake (apprx. 3.2 miles from Slavonia TH, max 30" but a team could likely roll it off the trail). New boardwalk adjacent to the beaver damn on 1161 (apprx. 0.25 mil from the TH) could use some additional work on the rock ramps.190162Beautiful weather. Water crossings are high, fast and cold with unstable logs - take extra care and water crossing shoes. Intermittent snow on south side of Gilpin pass becoming continuous near top. North side of Gilpin pass is snow covered making trail impossible to follow and possibly obscuring some down trees. Pitch below Gilpin Lake is snow covered making the trail difficult to follow and possibly obscuring some down trees. Water bars on 1161 between Slavonia TH and Gilpin Creek water crossing have recently been worked and the trail is in excellent shape. Lots of columbine, marsh marigolds, glacier lilies, ... to enjoy.Conducted both Patrol & Maintenance90.36/29/2024
2024-06-29  20:43lained100@gmmail.comElaine Dermody6/29/2024Mad Creek #1100The Barn#1100 Parking lotDrink water and be careful on rocky sections when trail narrows400NoneTrail in go condition300590Beautiful blue sky day. Enjoyed being on the trail and talking to happy hikers..Patrol & Education2006/29/2024
2024-06-29  20:27l.shindler@comcast.netLaura Shindler6/29/2024TH 1105 Sarvis CreekBridgeTHN/A4.900trimming along trailMilage from TH: 1.49 overhead tree across trail, 1.57 tree across trail, 1.75 tree broken half across trail, 1.81 tree across trail c. 8' overhead, 2.06 tree across trail, 2.25 tree across trail c. 8' overhead.90340Talked with fishers before trail, too. Sunny with some rain. Some spots muddy.Conducted both Patrol & Maintenance2406/29/2024
2024-06-29  10:51sidneymoon@gmail.comSidney Moon6/29/2024Dumont THFirst Stream CrossingDumont THWet, muddy trail; mosquitos (used clothing treated with permethrin)3.400Informal scoutingOne 6-8" tree was down between the TH and the creek, causing minor resource damage. Trail runner reported the trail after the creek was "rough" and had not been cleared.180206Flowers are just beginning; it was very green and wet from recent rains; there were lots of mosquitos and quite a bit of standing water in the ditch. 6 section hikers were heading out on the CDT. There were visible snow patches in the woods across the creek, but no snow where I hiked.Informal Trail Scouting/Reconnoissance2606/29/2024
2024-06-28  10:46alpinellama@gmail.comBarbara Wilson6/25/2024North Lake TH (1164)1.6 miles from THNorth Lake THHigh water at water crossing, Care in travelling solo3.260Cleared 6 trees. Limbed trees to make trail accessible. Also limbed a 24" diameter tree laying parallel to and above the trail, 0.25 miles beyond creek crossing - this tree could pose a risk to trail users.60+ trees remain on trail within 1.6 miles of the TH. Significant pruning work along with crosscut work is required all beyond the Wilderness boundary. Details have been submitted to Jerry M.2000Trail before water crossing is very wet and muddy. Water crossing is easily passable with wet shoes/boots (shin deep). Trail is difficult to hike due to significant number of down trees. Road condition from Three Island Lake TH to North Lake TH is slow going and rocky as usual.Informal Trail Scouting/Reconnoissance006/25/2024
2024-06-28  10:31curt.1rogers@gmail.comCurtis Rogers6/27/2024Diamond Park TH (1189)North Fork THNorth Fork THTrail condition, afternoon storms expected4.5000One down dual trunk tree, max diameter 9", approximately 2.6 miles from the North Fork TH.1030Trail is in great shape. Lost Dog Road (433) is in reasonable shape, 44 down the switchbacks to the north fork of the Elk River is in poor shape - high clearance, 4WD definitely suggested.Informal Trail Scouting/Reconnoissance306/27/2024
2024-06-28  10:21curt.1rogers@gmail.comBarbara Wilson, Curtis Rogers6/24/2024Slavonia TH, Mica Basin Trail (1161 and 1162)Mica LakeSlavonia THWet trails, mosquitos, water crossing, afternoon storms890Cleared 2 trees before the Mica Creek crossing and 7 after the crossing.Left 9 trees, maximum diameter 14", with first tree approximately 1.25 miles beyond the water crossing. Tree count could be off due to significant amount of snow remaining on trail. A shovel / combi would be very useful to help correct significant trail drainage issues beyond the water crossing. Also pruners / loppers would be useful on upper portion of the trail.8030Mica Creek water crossing requires wading through slow, knee + deep water. Trail conditions beyond the water crossing are alternating dry, muddy, marshy, flowing water and snow covered. Last 0.3 miles to the lake are solid snow. The lake is still 3/4 covered by ice.Trail Maintenance306/24/2024
2024-06-28  10:10curt.1rogers@gmail.comBarbara Wilson, Curtis Rogers6/22/2024Gold Creek Lake Trail, 1150 (Junction of 1161 and 1150)Gold Creek Log CrossingGold Creek Lake Trail, 1150Water crossings, afternoon thunderstorms expected3.710Cleared one tree, limbed one treeWilderness regulation sign and sign backing need to be replaced. Left two trees (1st - 18" approximately 1.3 mi up trail inside of the Wilderness, 2nd double trunk, 9" and 12", on a steep incline - could be tricky - between falls and log crossing)0070Water running high and fast at Gold Creek water crossing. Water level is at or above broken log crossing - decided not to cross. Water bars are in good condition.Informal Trail Scouting/Reconnoissance506/22/2024
2024-06-28  10:00curt.1rogers@gmail.comBarbara Wilson, Curtis Rogers6/22/2024Slavonia Trailhead (Gilpin Trail, 1161)Mica Creek Crossing (2 mi from TH)Slavonia THPhysical & chemical control of mosquitos, high water in creeks4121Cleared 12 trees from the trail with coronas, remediated campfire ring in Slavonia TH parking lot, tightened lag bolts on Gilpin - Mica trail junction sign,Left one18 - 20" tree approximately 2 mi from TH, prior to the Wilderness boundary, Wilderness regulation sign board is on the ground - needs an 18" x 24" backing board for sign which could then be reattached to the existing sign post,260160Water is running fast and high in Mica Creek - decided that today was not the day to try and cross. Water bars on the trail are in good shape. Lots of columbine and larkspur blooming. New boardwalk looks great (may need some more rock work on ramps).Trail Maintenance906/22/2024
2024-06-28  09:01boonemel1@gmail.comKaren McNish, Priscilla Jones, Rosalie Summer, Cindy Bosco, Barbara Sparks, Robert Scifres, Denise Scifres6/27/2024Mad CreekUp Mad Creek TrailMad CreekWatch footing, step off the trail for other users1.500Identify invasive weeds including bulbous bluegrass, cheat grass, common mullen, whitetop, dalmation toadflax and canadian thistleFS will hopefully apply a pre-emergent in the fall along the slopeside.120150This was a training trip to work on weed identification. Interaction with visitors was minimal except to pick up doggie poop bags left on the trail, at least three.Noxious Weed Identification for Wilderness Stewardship023.56/27/2024
2024-06-27  13:17portjefferson56@gmail.comCurtis Rogers, Kevin Gilman, Brad Kruelskie and Jerry Mosoce6/25/2024Three Island Lake TrailheadTrailhead to the lakeThree Island Lake TrailheadHydrate, eye to the sky, be aware of surroundings for yourself and others, carful with footing as trail maybe wet7120Cleared trail to the lake, boot cleared water barsOther than lopping in a few areas trail in good shape and now clear to the Beaver Creek crossing above the lake.1092Started off warm and sunny then rain then sun. Trail in good shape other than some muddy spots. Lots of colorful,flowers. Backpackers reported numerous mosquitoes overnight. Little snow at and around the lakeTrail Maintenance906/25/2024
2024-06-27  13:05portjefferson56@gmail.comDenise and Robert Scifres, Barb Wilson, Curtis Rogers, Jerry Mosoce6/26/2024Burn Ridge TrailheadTrailhead to Swamp Park River CrossingBurn Ridge TrailheadUsing chainsaw-stay out of blood bubble, say hydrated, communication, watch for others when limbing and eye to the sky5160Cleared trail by chainsaw to Swamp Park river. crossingNone. Meet up with Forest Service Trail Crew at river crossing. Trail cleared for end to end0010Warm sunny to partly cloudy day. Visitor was out for a walk with her well behaved dogs. Trail in good shape. River at crossings running high but smoothTrail Maintenance106/26/2024
2024-06-26  18:41jachase104@gmail.comJulie Chase6/25/2024Three Island #1163To the lake and backtrailhead #1163Safety, lots of hydration,700Removed sticks and rocks on trail, picked up trashBig Shout Out to the FOW Maintenance Crew !!!! They worked ALL day....safely, happy, kind, and cleared the trail of all the trees.5072Trail in good condition. We got rained on coming down.Patrol & Education716/25/2024
2024-06-26  17:14cindybosco10@gmail.comDon Campbell, Cindy Bosco6/26/2024Upper Sarvis Creek, FS #1105Upper Sarvis CreekUpper Sarvis Creek Trailhead, FS #1105Potential threats due to weather, mosquitos and falling trees2.6300Limb, cut and cleared deadfall from trail (~30 trees, 2-6" diameter); trash removal; observe trail conditions1. Additional deadfall removal needed using cross-cut saws, > 15 trees 6-12" in diameter. This is just within 1.5 miles of trailhead. Turned around at at 40.253076°N 106.626°W where multiple trees needing limbing and removal.
2. Trail drainage improvements needed in spots
3. Unsafe trail crossing at 40.254313°N 106.622°W. Narrow, but severely eroded creek bank with various logs and branches thrown into the water. 2 other tricky water crossings in swampy areas.
1000Nice wildflowers in bloom, including columbine, bog orchid, pink elephants and monkshood. Mosquitos in abundance. Trail boggy in spots. Lots of deadfall to navigate.Trail Maintenance, Informal Trail Scouting/Reconnoissance016/26/2024
2024-06-25  21:19schaffrick@comcast.netBecky Lewis, Sue Hoelz, Mike Schumacher, Dan Schaffrick6/25/2024Three Island Lake TH #1161Creek crossing above lakesameWeather, tools, PPE, comfort levels with work952From lake to creek crossing 1 mile above lake, cleared 5 trees from trail. Cleaned 1 legal campsite & rehabbed 1 illegal campsite at lake. Boot-cleared water bars.Clear remainder of upper trail from creek crossing at mile 4.5 to divide4042Day started hot, then had about 1/2 hour of rain on way out. Someone on horseback, assume it was outfitter, cleared the last trees below the wilderness boundary by chainsaw. Trail was clear of snow to elevation of 10,100'. Creek crossing about lake was still running high and we did not attempt to cross.Trail Maintenance60.16/25/2024
2024-06-24  15:28beckyalewis@aol.comBecky Lewis, Dan Schaffrick, Melanie Boone6/24/2024Sarvis Creek, #1106Mile past bridgeSarvis Creek, #1106caution on muddy trail carrying equipment6.6170We removed 17 trees, varying from 6" to 24". We also placed branches in a number of the muddy areas to keep people on the trail and to mitigate the mud. We did not have the equipment to clear water bars.
The trail is now clear of trees up about 5 miles from the parking lot. The trail above the bridge needs pruning/lopping. The trail above and below the bridge needs water bars or other mitigation for the water running down the trail which is making a "canyon" down the middle of the trail. The lack of water mitigation also is resulting in the trail widening in many places as hikers try to avoid the mud and water. Some of the water bars need to be cleared out, but most areas simply lack the bars altogether.
3030As mentioned above, the trail was very muddy in a number of areas and dry in others. It was hot and muggy, but a beautiful day. We finished just as the clouds were rolling in. A number of trees had fallen since Becky worked and reconned the trail last week. Perhaps it occurred during the very strong winds on Thursday.Conducted both Patrol & Maintenance30.16/24/2024
2024-06-23  20:59desjardin@sbcglobal.netKaren Desjardin, Laura Foulk6/23/2024Mica Basin #1161, #1162Hiked to water crossing on Mica Basin trailSlavoniariver crossings, weather, snow levels6.400cleaned up illegal campfire site on trail, limbed 2 trees, pruned vegetation impeding trailWilderness regulations sign was sitting on ground. Post may need to be replaced. 16 inch tree down over trail, about 3 feet off the ground at mile 1.1 on #1161. Trail starting to form around it. 8 inch tree and one smaller leaning over trail #1162 at 2.1 miles. Tree was limbed.2002411Beautiful, warm day. Small patch of snow at beginning of Mica Basin trail, then snow not encountered again until patches at 3.2 miles, just before water crossing. Water crossing was still as high as about 2 feet in spots and wide with wading the only way to cross. Lots of flowers near the waterfall and many starting along the trail. Saw 1 trillium flower. Talked with backpackers coming down from Mica Lake who said lake was still mostly frozen with small open water areas where one visitor caught 2 cutthroat trout. Mica backpackers were reporting wet and snowy conditions around lake although some legal dry spots for tents. One backpacking group of 4 were able to climb Big Agnes the night before. One day-use visitor coming down from Mica Basin had skis and ski boots attached to his pack. He had been skiing slopes on Little Agnes. Met a couple of groups who were going for the Zirkel Circle. One group was surprised when we warned them that they were going to encounter snow. Another backpacking couple had hiked the circle and reported lots of snow crossing the saddle and down to Gilpin Lake which was still frozen.Conducted both Patrol & Maintenance2906/23/2024
2024-06-23  10:27pjstmbt@gmail.comPriscilla Jones, Barbara Sparks6/22/2024Lower Bear Creek Trail #1260Approx. Elk Park RoadLower Bear Creek TH #1260Temperature/heat; hydration; sunscreen, dead trees, bug bites5.200Cleared brush/scrub oak from sides of trail, pulled/cut Houndstongue from trail and around parking lot and carried out, spoke to day hikers, removed trash (cigarettes, food wrappers, can tops)Trail is free of trees, need more work to remove weeds/grass/scrub oak from sides of trail5000Trail is clear of trees. Weather was sunny and 78 degrees with slight breeze at higher elevation.Conducted both Patrol & Maintenance, Noxious Weed Identification for Wilderness Stewardship24376/22/2024
2024-06-22  19:33sidneymoon@gmail.comSidney Moon, Janet Panebaker, Lynn Sidman, Lori Wiles6/22/2024Three Island Lake TH2.4 miles OB on Three Island Lake TrailThree Island Lake THNotifications, inReach usage, potential wind and thunderstorms, wildlife (potential moose and bear, trail conditions (wet, muddy), mosquitos, pacing, one member has a bee sting allergy and brought epi pens4.600Public engagement, partially removed branches from a tree blocking the trailThere is one fresh spruce tree blocking the trail .at 76M. The tree had a lot of needled branches. We limbed enough of them to create a tunnel-like passageway, but the tree should be removed. It is not passable by horses. The trunk is 8-12" wide and is about 5-6' above the trail. It is outside the wilderness.90210The trail was in good shape except for the new blowdown mentioned earlier and a bit of mud in spots. We did not encounter any snow. It was a beautiful day and there were lots of wildflowers in bloom. We encountered one off-leash, out of control dog; we reminded the owners of the reasons immediate control is important in National Forests.Conducted both Patrol & Maintenance1906/22/2024
2024-06-22  18:00jachase104@gmail.comJulie Chase6/20/2024Sarvis Creek #1105up to the bridgeTrailhead #1105Aware of storm clouds; water crossings and slippery trail4.403worked on campsites to the left after the bridge. biggest one needs more workTrees across trail 1\2 mile up 12" diameter; 1mile up 18" diameter; 1 1\2 mile up 12"diameter; 2 mile up 12"diameter; 2 1\16 mile up 10" diameter2000Trail in good condition; all water crossings had water. Made it to my car before rain.Patrol & Education, Campsite Inventory for Wilderness Stewardship536/20/2024
2024-06-21  09:23portjefferson56@gmail.comJay Gallagher, Fran Madden, Peter Tyler, Brad Kruelskie, Curtis Rogers, Chris Godfrey, Don Campbell, David Jones, Jerry Mosoce6/18/2024Lower Silver CreekLower Silver Creek TrailLower Silver Creek TrailheadCommunication, work the plan, be aware of yours and others positions, pace yourself6260Removed 26 treesNeed to finish the trail to the creek crossing. According to trail runner there’s three trees on the trail between where we stopped and the creek crossing. Wilderness sign needs a new post- currently resting upright against a boulder3010Cool sunny day with little wind. One visitor was a trail runner going to the crossing and back and reported creek depth was up to his mid calf. Eight trees removed by tail axe angel. Trail in good conditionTrail Maintenance106/18/2024
2024-06-20  17:11curt.1rogers@gmail.comDan Schaffrick, Jay Gallagher, Dave Watts, Web Jones and Curtis Rogers6/20/2024Upper Three Island Lake TH (1163)Wilderness BoundaryUpper Three Island Lake THExpect afternoon rains, sunscreen, bug dope, communicate when using tools5240Cleared 24 trees from trail, Used boots to clean water bars, Removed several large loose rocks from trailTrail is clear and in good shape to just shy of the Wilderness boundary. We didn't get much information from further up the trail but there are definitely more trees across the trail before the lake, and likely beyond the lake.3020Trail is in very good shape, although there is some vegetation encroaching. The weather was partly cloudy and still until about 2:30 PM when rain and wind started.Trail Maintenance2006/20/2024
2024-06-19  19:39beckyalewis@aol.comBecky Lewis6/19/2024#1206 Lower BearSummit Park#1206 Lower BearWatch for stream crossing and snow12.4130I removed 13 trees and limbed 6 large trees so hikers could get over or under.There are 8 large trees on the trail after Lower Bear Creek on the way to Summit Park, 10"-24". Since it is not in the wilderness, all can be done with chain saws. I limbed all except one and removed all the trees < 6". Access to the large trees would be easiest from Elk Park Road (#314) instead of hiking in on Lower Bear from the Hot Springs Road. The sign at the junction of the Road and Lower Bear needs to be "planted." lt is leaning against a tree. Just need to dig a deep hole and put the post in. The first part of the trail from the trailhead off the Hot Springs road to the Bear Creek crossing is clear of trees. It could use some pruning/lopping, but not bad.3030The trail was almost completely dry, although a couple areas of snow near the top. The flowers were amazing--hundreds of Columbine lower on the trail and lots of Glacier Lilies near the top. It was a coolish day which was great for removing lots of trees!Conducted both Patrol & Maintenance306/19/2024
2024-06-17  11:52seaver.emily@yahoo.comEmily Seaver, Arlene Karlin6/12/2024Mad Creek. #1100Hiked to barn and then bridgeMad CreekDiscussed general things as this was her first FOW patrol4.500Training onlySome trimming along narrow places in trail should be done.80520Trail in good shape, several trail runners, very hot sunny day, but beautifulPatrol & Education5206/12/2024
2024-06-16  19:44l.shindler@comcast.netLaura Shindler, Emily Seaver, Robert Fuller, Jennifer Fuller6/16/2024SlavoniaGilpin up to water crossing (before wilderness), Gold up to log crossingSlavonia THEmily emphasized safety and not doing anything we don't want to do.500trim back of bushes, move rocksTree down on Gold 40.46.45 N, 106.41.44 W (between waterfall and log crossing), one more cut needed on tree 40.78N, 106.71 W, area between waterfall and water crossing needs cleanup (of tree shredding). Start of Gold wilderness needs new sign with FS regulations.6074Perfect weather! Watched four people, two dogs actually cross log on Gold.Patrol & Education, Conducted both Patrol & Maintenance1106/16/2024
2024-06-16  17:15beckyalewis@aol.comBecky Lewis6/16/2024#1106 Sarvis Creek 5 miles up Sarvis Creek Trail#1106 Sarvis CreekMuddy trails likely1030Removed 3 trees and limbed 2 other large trees. Cleaned water bars. Cleared branch debris from trail. I turned around at 5 miles when to cross the stream across the trail would have required getting pretty wet.There are 7 trees 10"-24" that need cross cuts to removed them between miles 1.1 and 2.8 from the parking lot--NOT from the trail head. The one at 2.8 is nearly completely on the trail with lots of branches. A trail around it has been started. A crew of 2-3 could do the work easily in a day. As usual the trail could use lopping and pruning, especially past the bridge which is at mile 2.4 from the parking lot. The sign in box needs more sheets.6092The trail was muddy in spots before the bridge, which is normal for this time of year. Past the bridge, there is more mud and, in many areas, a lot of water is running down the trail. Perhaps more water bars would help, but it is mainly just the way it always is this early. There were 3 trail runners and 2 backpackers. Most interesting is that, like on Silver last year, about 10 trees, some over 10", had been removed with an axe. Someone did a lot of work!!Conducted both Patrol & Maintenance706/16/2024
2024-06-16  16:20tonys75657@aol.comTony Seaver Arlene Karlin Kim Hiser6/15/2024Slavonia THGilpin TrailSlavonia THDangerous Water Crossings400Training HikeOne 20" tree before MZW Boundary, one 11" tree between Boundary and Mica Lake Jct., MZW Boundary sign broken and on the ground, both signs @ Mica Lake Jct. are on the ground, post may need replacement. No recon beyond Mica Lake Jct.1201910Clear, sunny until 4pm, then short shower with intense hail, water crossings high and dangerous. Two day hikers made it to Gilpin Lake - lake still frozen.
One local family encountered 5 bighorn sheep near Mica Lake Jct. Hiker has photo taken
from a distance of perhaps 30 feet. His name is available if needed.
Patrol & Education1906/15/2024
2024-06-15  09:23portjefferson56@gmail.comBecky Lewis, Chris Godfrey, Rod Morgan, Curtis Rodgers, Jerry Moscoe, Dave Jones, Julie Chase, Bard Sparks, Dan Schaffrick, Laura Foulk, Jay Gallagher, Melanie Boone, Brad Kruelskie, Robert Scifres, Don Campbell6/11/2024SlavoniaGilpin Lake Trail to top of the Beaver PondSlavoniaProtect your back when lifting, wear gloves to prevent splinters, communication, positional awareness, footing0.5310Completed last two sections (64 ft) of boardwalk and cleared 31 trees from Three Island Lake Spur TrailSmall amount of work left on boardwalk that was to be completed on Wednesday by the Forest Service14020Warm sunny day. No violations observedTrail Maintenance256/11/2024
2024-06-15  09:06portjefferson56@gmail.comBecky Lewis, Rod Morgan, Don Jackson, Tony Seaver, Curtis Rodgers, Lana Gallegos, Dan Schaffrick, Barbra Sparks, Robert Scifres, Jay Gallagher, Jerry Mosoce, Dave Watts6/10/2024SlavoniaGilpin Lake Trail to top of Beaver PondSlavoniaUse proper lifting techniques, communicate actions, be aware of surroundings, assure good footing, hydration and early season pacing0.500Completed installation of first section (32 ft) of boardwalk along beaver pond on Gilpin Lake TrailFinish last two sections of boardwalk12050Cool, partly cloudy and light breeze. Only violation observed was camp site too close to the road- this was addressed and people were gone the next day. Hikers were scouting trail conditions. Snow at trail junction with Mica Lake turned people around.Trail Maintenance506/10/2024
2024-06-12  21:37l.shindler@comcast.netLaura Shindler6/12/2024Mad Creek 11000.10 mile past Wilderness boundaryMad Creek 1100Talked with Emily Seaver who had new trainee, but did not hike with them.800Trimmed back various low bushes overhanging trailN/A100270Lovely day. Hotter in morning before cloud cover. One poop bag near beginning of trailPatrol & Education, Conducted both Patrol & Maintenance2006/12/2024
2024-06-12  17:49laurafoulk@friendsofwilderness.comLaura Foulk6/11/2024Slavonia TrailheadAmbassador contacts at trailheadSlavonia TrailheadSafety working with tools with Maintenance crew000Worked with crew - listed on separate report0160105Reported snow line at 1.7 miles up Gilpin - near Gilpin-Mica Junction. Gold Creek very high and fast.Patrol & Education15006/11/2024
2024-06-12  16:16beckyalewis@aol.comBecky Lewis6/12/2024#1188 -- Colton Creek trailhead1188 to 1118.1a to 1177 and back Colton Creek to Hinman Lake#1188 -- Colton Creek trailheadExpect some muddy trails so watch footing11.6110Cut and removed 11 trees, ranging from 3" to 6". Limbed a 10" tree that is hanging about 5' over the trail.I was able to remove all trees except the 10"er that is hanging 5' over the trail and another 14"er that is about 2' over the trail and is about 4 miles from the Colton trailhead. Several of the signs need to be replaced on #1188. None of this is in the wilderness so can be done be chainsaw and might be closer to come in from the Hinman Lake side.1120Trail was mostly dry, but rough from horses and elk/moose. It was muddy only in the shaded area just past the meadows where it is almost always muddy. Lots of spring wildflowers. Hot, but a gorgeous day. Hinman lake lilies are wonderful!Conducted both Patrol & Maintenance006/12/2024
2024-06-06  09:32schaffrick@comcast.netDan Schaffrick6/5/2024Slavonia TH to Gold Creek Trail 1150First log crossing creekSlavoniaPrepare for weather changes, walking on intermittent snow & poor trail conditions460Removed small trees from trailBetween wilderness boundary and log crossing, two trees need crosscut removal - one 15-18" and one 8-10" with two trunks20100Ran into RMYC group training seasonal crew leaders, staying at Seedhouse group site. Lumber for boardwalk project delivered to TH yesterday. Log crossing Gold Creek still in place, broken in middle, resting on rock in creek. Water too high to attempt crossing but looks useable. No chainsaw work needed on 1150 this year.Informal Trail Scouting/Reconnoissance1006/5/2024
2024-06-06  08:15Codave1968@gmail.comDave Watts6/5/2024Lower Silver Creek #1106Hiked in 2.7 mi & returned1106 Trailhead lower Silver CreekEnsured I had proper gear, water etc.5.540Checked trail conditions and noted down trees need to be removed31 Trees down from start of trail to 2.8 miles in.
~ 1 mi 9 trees. 4 to 9" diameter
1.3 mi 1 tree 10"
1.5 mi 3 trees 7 to 12"
1.6 mi 1 tree 22"
1.8 mi 8 trees 3 to 14 + 8" leaner
2 mi 1 tree 11"
2.2 mi 4 tree 3 to 4"
2.4 mi 3 trees 3 to 5"
2.5 mi 1 tree 14"
2030Trail in good shape, except 2 short areas muddy, but not standing water.
Did not encounter snow until ~2.3 mi that was passable.
3 water crossings that could be safely crossed.
Great Valley views after the initial .6 mi steep section.
Informal Trail Scouting/Reconnoissance30.146/5/2024
2023-11-22  20:17jaygalla@comcast.netBill Sanders, Jay Gallagher11/22/2023Slavonia TH Gilpin Lake Trail 1161Beaver Pond 0.25 from TrailheadSlavoniaProper gear for walking in 4” snow and on ice.0.500Bill Sanders and I walked up the first 0.25 mile of the Gilpin Lake Trail 1161 from the Slavonia trailhead to the beaver pond. It was a sunny day in the 30s with 3-4” of snow on the ground.

Our primary objective was to identify the sections of trail immediately below the beaver pond that are impacted by seepage and have prioritized them for possible boardwalk construction.
Report to Maintenance Committee to scope, design, and budget boardwalk project; apply for grant funding.1010Bright sunny day, no wind, temps in the 30s. 4” of snow on ground. Road into Slavonia was tracked, but no foot tracks on trail. We encountered one elk hunter ascending from TH, well equipped but unfamiliar with the terrain. We described the expected snow conditions and restricted terrain above so he returned to his truck and drove back into the South Fork.Informal Trail Scouting/Reconnoissance1011/22/2023
2023-10-25  08:18sandtrad@cmn.netJay Gallagher, Bill Sanders10/25/2023Buff Pass Rd 60FS rd 301/ Rocky Flats/area around Powder Cats cabinBuff Pass Rd 60ice400Trash removal, reconA log shed is being built in the skiing area "In the Buff" GPS coordinates 40.51938/ -106.75170. Should be dismantled. A gate along fs rd 301 has collapsed due to snow allowing vechile access to area "In the Buff".0000A log shed is being built in the skiing area "In the Buff" GPS coordinates 40.51938/ -106.75170. Should be dismantled. Chilly wind, ice on shaded parts of 301Informal Trail Scouting/Reconnoissance0810/25/2023
2023-10-19  21:00schaffrick@comcast.netDan Schaffrick10/19/2023Slavonia TH #1150Gold Creek Lake & vicinitySlavoniasolo trip - talked to myself to make sure I was prepared826Found 6 campsites in area of Gold Creek Lake, 3 legal & 3 illegal. Surveyed all, cleaned & rehabbed illegal sites. Cleared 2 small trees from trail. Cleared water barsDisplay board & wilderness regs poster at wilderness boundary need replacing3030Trail conditions were muddy, slippery and icy in places. Beautiful hiking weather. Snow intermittent around lake, solid snow cover above lake.Campsite Inventory for Wilderness Stewardship30610/19/2023
2023-10-09  17:10schaffrick@comcast.netBill Sanders, Curt Rogers, Dan Schaffrick10/9/2023Three Island TH #1163Three Island LakesameSafety, Tools, weather844Found 4 campsites showing recent use - 2 legal & 2 illegal sites. Surveyed all sites, cleaned legal sites and remediated 2 illegal sites. Removed 4 trees from trail 4-8" diameter. Cleaned all water bars from TH to lakeCampsites inventories above the lake to the divide, including Beaver Lake, still need to be completed. Wilderness boundary sign & poster-mounting board still need repair/replacement.2040Gorgeous fall day. Met couple from Woodland Park CO & another couple who live on Boulder Ridge Rd in Steamboat. Trail dry & in good shape.Campsite Inventory for Wilderness Stewardship40.522.510/9/2023
2023-10-06  17:32schaffrick@comcast.netSue Hoelzer, Hank & Beth Langhals, Howard Kellogg, Jerry Moscoe,, Jay Gallagher, Dan Schaffrick10/6/2023Lone Pine THLake KatherineLone Pine THWeather, tools, PPE, water & lunch528Cut 2 small trees from trail (<6"). Surveyed 8 campsites around lake, 3 were legal & 5 were not. All illegal sites were rehabbed, fire rings & charcoal dispersed. Some fishing was done, caught & released 2 fish and 1 tree.Official trail sign needed at junction of Katherine & Big Horn trails. Laminated 8 1/2x11 wilderness regs poster needed at boundary.3010Beautiful hiking weather. NOTE: a trail user posted a laminated sign on tree at Katherine/Big Horn junction - have picture if anyone wants it - we left it in place. Trails & water bars all in good shape.Campsite Inventory for Wilderness Stewardship11.53210/6/2023
7/19/2024 16:23:48tonys75657@aol.comTony Seaver Emily Seaver7/19/2024Slavonia THGilpin Trail 1161 to Mica Creek CrossingSlavonia THPossible rain/hail based on previous day700Tightened lag bolts on sign at Mica Lake junctionSign at MZW boundary still unrepaired. Vertical posts still good after removal of all old
lag bolts and screws. Needs new sign board 24" wide to match existing posts, new lag bolts,
holes drilled, and new waterproofed regs poster.
400019Destinations were all Zirkel Circle ( incl. 3 trail runners ), Gilpin Lake, or Mica Lake.
Cloudy, cool morning, sunny hot afternoon.
Patrol & Education3707/19/2024
7/20/2024 19:57:40cinkinbikes@gmail.comCindy Kinnear, Dave Kinnear7/20/2024Diamond Park trail 1189hiked 4 miles to bridge and backDiamond Park Trail Trailheadtrail condition reporting800pick up trash -burned aluminum cans, bottle coverNo work needed60183trail conditions - good. Some areas where the tall grass makes it hard to walk through. Weather 80ish with a breeze to cool us off. Several people had intentions to fish.Patrol & Education14177/20/2024
7/20/2024 21:33:04schaffrick@comcast.netMelanie Boone, Becky Lewis, Don Campbell, Dan Schaffrick7/20/2024Slavonia TH 1150Gold Creek 1150 to Wyoming Trail 1101SameSafety crossing creeks, Tools, Heat8.5110Cleared 11 trees from Wyoming Trail 1101 heading south from Gold Creek Trail - all is 8-28" range. Reached 10,000' elevation approximately .6-.7 miles from 1150/1101 junctionUpper reaches of 1101 still need clearing. It has now been 2 years since we last that section of trail5002020Hot, dry All Hands Day. Observed 1 group of campers in illegal site within 1/4 mile of lake - they were in the process of scouting better location. When we came back down, they had moved their camp to legal site above lake. As we hiked out mid-afternoon, we met many overnight campers heading up trail and felt that they would have trouble find legal sites to accommodate them all.Trail Maintenance2007/20/2024
7/21/2024 9:26:34brad.kruelskie@gmail.comCarol Gilman Kevin Gilman Don Jackson Brad Kruelskie Rich Kunz David Williams7/24/2024Slavonia Trailhead1150 / 1101 Gold Creek Lake / Wyoming TrailSlavonia Trailhead1) Use caution on creek crossings. 2) Situational awareness - rough, rocky trail with slip / trip hazards8711150 Gold Creek Lake Trail was clear. We cleared 7 fallen trees from 1101 Trail south of the junction with 1150 Trail. Limbed one fallen tree whose branches extended onto the trail. Rehabbed one old campfire that was two feet off the trail.None750242Water crossings were passable. Wildflowers were present on the 1101 Trail. Many hikers and trail runners on the 1150 Trail - none on 1101.

Please note that the visitor and vehicle counts reported above are a subset of the visitor and vehicle counts determined by the FOW trailhead table at the Slavonia trailhead. Please use the trailhead table counts as the totals.
Trail Maintenance12007/20/2024
7/21/2024 10:08:54Lynnsidman@gmail.comLynn Sidman Karen Desjardin7/20/2024Slavonia TrailheadSlavonia Trailhead TableSlavoniaSun, Wind, Radio contact400engaged with visitors, took photos of Gold Crossing09201752Beautiful summer day, flowers great, water crossings all passable due to lower water flows, Backpackers up Gilpin Creek reported seeing Big Horn Sheep, Mamma Bear and 2 cubs. 52 Backpackers total going in and coming out. Returners report even with the volume of overnight campers it was calm and not crowded (Mica, Gilpin and Gold). Visitors responded without any comment to paying the fee.Patrol & Education11907/20/2024
7/21/2024 10:37:40ljw@peakbwco.comLori Wiles, Barb Sparks7/20/2025Three Island Lake Spur TrailTree Island Lake Spur Trail, part of Three Island Lake TrailThree Island Lake Spur TrailWeather, water, sunscreen, animals630Trash removed, cut trees, lopping, cleared out water bars (4)trees to be cut: .33 mi - 10"; 1 mi 8"; .88 mi 8"; 1.21 mi 24"; 1.96 mi tangle of three leaning trees (8-10"); 2.95 mi - water and water damage on trail (needs water bar, etc.); needs lopping - upper flat portion of spur trail201563 CDT hikers; Trail is wet in some sections but not a problem; Beautiful amanita mushrooms, flowers including: segoe lilies, monkshood, parrots beak/lousewort; One backpacking group diverted from Slavonia due to large number of peopleConducted both Patrol & Maintenance1517/20/2025
7/21/2024 10:49:27patrolchick@gmail.comKim Hiser, Julie Chase7/20/2024Coulton Creek TH #1188Hiked to end at FS 429/Connector trail #1188.1aCoulton Creek THSun, heat related injuries, dehydration8.310pulled invasive weeds, cut small sapling over lying over the trail.Trail Courtesy sign at TH is very badly weathered and could be replaced. The Trail 1188 sign, still attached to the post is down at Y in the first big meadow, approx 1.1 mile. Observed a step over log at 1.71 miles. The trail at 2.9 miles could use some lopping as willows and aspens are encroaching. At 3.82 miles there are 2 very dead, 6-8" diameter trees over the trail and a social trail has begun around them.2050Warm, sunny day with a huge variety of wildflowers. This multi-use trail surface, is generally very good, not many rocky areas. A few places that were previously wet, had horse traffic that left a very uneven and now dried trail surface. We observed many waterbars along the trail and all were in really good shape. Someone or some group has cut almost all of the dead trees that were once across the trail, some with fairly fresh chainsaw dust. There were many cut trees in a few spots. Talked to 4 mountain bikers (all in one group) on the single track trail, who started at Pearl Lake and were doing a loop back via the forest service road. The trail is pretty narrow, vegetation-wise but mostly all wildflowers, few shrubs or trees encroaching the trail. Only one spot at 2.9 miles could use some lopping. Lovely views of The Dome, Little and Big Agnes and Farwell mountain along the way.Patrol & Education407/20/2024
7/21/2024 10:56:40ljw@peakbwco.comLori Wiles, Barb Sparks7/20/2024Three Island Lake Spur TrailTree Island Lake Spur Trail, part of Three Island Lake TrailThree island Lake Spur TrailWeather, water, sunscreen, animals63Trash removed, cut trees, lopping, cleared out water bars (4)trees to be cut: .33 mi - 10"; 1 mi 8"; .88 mi 8"; 1.21 mi 24"; 1.96 mi tangle of three leaning trees (8-10"); 2.95 mi - water and water damage on trail (needs water bar, etc.); needs lopping - upper flat portion of spur trail21563 CDT hikers; Trail is wet in some sections but not a problem; Beautiful amanita mushrooms, flowers including: segoe lilies, monkshood, parrots beak/lousewort; One backpacking group diverted from Slavonia due to large number of peopleConducted both Patrol & Maintenance1517/20/2024
7/21/2024 11:29:22portjefferson56@gmail.comPriscilla Jones, Marge Gustin, Jerry Mosoce7/20/2024Slavonia TrailheadTo wilderness boundarySlavonia TrailheadHeat, sun protection, chainsaw blood bubble, communication400Replaced wilderness regulations signs at Gold/Gilpin split repaired sign and hung new wilderness regulations sign at wilderness boundary on Gilpin. Worked on rock ramps associated with the,boardwalkStill need to post wilderness regulations sign on Gold9304530Trail in good shape with no mud on lower section and along Beaver Pond. Most day hikers doing the circle and backpackers destination split between Mica and Gold. Warm sunny weather with a light breeze.Conducted both Patrol & Maintenance3507/20/2024
7/21/2024 11:53:59arlene@karlins.netArlene Karlin and Nancy Kellogg7/20/2024Slavonia trailhead to Gilpin Lake TrailGilpin Lake TrailSlavonia trail headDiscussed first aid, weather, physical conditions2.500Education for daily hikers, backpacker safety, dog control conversation, mileage to lakes, hiker input on overnight experiences at Mica, Gilpin, Gold lakes.FOW replaced Zirkel wilderness sign, looks great!9204031Trailhead signs were replaced and look nice. Weather was sunny and not too hot. Several hikers coming from Mica (approx 10). A group of 6 stayed at Mica, then heading to Gilpin and Gold for overnights. All backpackers were knowledgeable and appeared well-equipped.Patrol & Education7107/20/2024
7/21/2024 12:27:27cindybosco10@gmail.comCindy Bosco, Denise Scifres7/20/2024South Fork TH, FS #1100.3ASouth Fork TH to South Fork of Elk RiverSouth Fork THHeat, hydration, insects200Identified and removed four garbage bags of hounds tongue using shovels and clippers.Many more hounds tongue remain in the area. Vicinity has an abundance of thistle that needs to be properly identified as to species / invasive traits.40150Trail dry and dusty in spots. Four mountain bikers, all other users were hikers.Noxious Weed Identification for Wilderness Stewardship11067/20/2024
7/22/2024 17:18:15lained100@gmail.comElaine Dermody7/20/2024Slavonia trailheadGold Creek Trail #1150Slavonia trailheadDrink lots of water and be careful not to trip300Talked with visitorsA tree leaning over the trail 1.33 miles from being sent to Jerry. Railing on bridge needs replacing. Lopping on trail needed in some areas.990316Beautiful blue sky day. Lots of day hikers doing the zirkel circle, several doing it overnight. Others just going to Gold Creek Lake. BTW when I was originally trained I was told to take my sun glasses off when talking to visitors. I typically just don’t wear sun glasses as the trails are fairly shady and the bonus is seeing the flowers in their glorious true colors.Patrol & Education1507/20/2024
7/22/2024 17:37:30rangerwinchester@gmail.comWin Dermody7/20/2024Slavonia TrailheadSlavonia TrailheadSlavonia TrailheadUse Sunscreen1201Public contact with Day Hikers and Overnight Hikers. Photographed trees needing attention and forwarded pictures to Jerry Moscoe. Moved 6 campers with 3 tents from an illegal site too close to Gold Lake.Boundary sign on Gold Creek trail is down and in pieces. It needs to be totally replaced. At 2.5 miles from trailhead a 12" tree suspended over the trail cannot be passed under by a horse and needs to be removed. After the second water crossing a 10" tree is suspended over the trail and needs to be removed. There is 1 very small tree over the trail that needs to be cut. Finally there are 2 large leaners over the trail before Roberts Meadow that need to be removed. These two should probably be handled by the USFS crew.8507538It was a perfect weather day. The 6 people I had to move were very cooperative.Patrol & Education113007/20/2024
7/23/2024 13:41:16cindybosco10@gmail.comBarbara Sparks, Rosalie Summerill7/22/2024Lower Sarvis Creek TH, FS#1105From trailhead to bridgeLower Sarvis Creek THHeat, hydration, air quality5.305noxious weed identification, campsite clean-up, trash removal, visitor educationLarge swaths of hounds tongue need to be removed in vicinity of trailhead and beyond the gate. The trail requires pruning and lopping (see more below). New sign-in sheets at trailhead needed. One large black trash bag of undetermined material, located among the pile of wire and fencing logs, needs removal.80240Trail is overgrown with tall grass and narrows to 8" width in many places in the first 1.25 miles from trailhead; it would benefit from a lopping day.Patrol & Education, Noxious Weed Identification for Wilderness Stewardship181.537/22/2024
7/23/2024 18:23:28l.shindler@comcast.netLaura Shindler7/23/2024Sarvis Creek THUp to BridgeSarvis Creek THN/A5.3600Trail clearing (twigs, rocks)I see that prior downed trees have been sawyered. Great - thanks!11070Nice day, but smoke from Canadian fires in town may have kept more people from coming out. Fishers were out.Patrol & Education47/23/2024
7/23/2024 20:28:15beckyalewis@aol.comBecky Lewis7/23/2024StillwaterStillwater, 1119 to Round Lake, 1116 to East Fork Trail 1119 and back to StillwaterStillwaterHydration25.890Cleared 9 trees, so now 1116 is completely clear of trees and 1119 is clear from Stillwater to the Williams Fork crossing. Picked up a number of candy/bar wrappers.The only work needed is at mile 2.5 from Stillwater, the climb to the saddle below the Causeway. The trail is eroding a bit and there is another trail that needs to be blocked off.3401530The trails are in excellent shape! The wildflowers are magical. All signs are in good shape. I ran into a large backpack group of young men, boys and "dads," more than 30, although they were spread out on the trail. I discussed with several of them that their group was too large, and they said they planned to break it up for camping. They said they had a forest service guy with them that knew the rules. Hmmm. I also noted that the campground that they were gathering at was illegal, both too close to the Lake and to the trail. I mentioned that there were several others around Causeway Lake that were legal. Pretty sure I heard a wolf howling--didn't sound like a coyote! Lots of biting bugs and large mosquitos. Frost on my tent in the morning.Conducted both Patrol & Maintenance2517/22/2024
7/24/2024 Brad Kruelskie, Terri Tyler, Peter Tyler, Hank Langhals, Priscilla Jones, Mike Schumacher, Carol Gilman, Kevin Gilman, Jerry Mosoce7/23/2024Upper Sarvis Creek TrailheadSarvis Creek TrailSarvis Creek TrailheadHeat and hydration, communication, situational awareness8.5470Cleared trail of downed treesOnly to finish trail to creek crossing0000Warm sunny day with a light breeze. 39 of the trees cleared in the burn scar- most less than 10” in diameter. Trail in good shape but hard to follow in meadow area in the middle of the trail- it definitely helped having knowledge of trail.Trail Maintenance007/23/2024
7/24/2024 14:11:12jenny.lee.maxwell@gmail.comJenny Maxwell7/20/2024Burn Ridge THFollowed trail to water crossing; turned aroundBurn Ridge TH(Solo hike)800Cut back willow branches/other branches and some of the low grasses/other plants that were encroaching into trailLopping of low grasses/plants that are encroaching into the trail in segments at points all along the trail1090Beautiful weather; encountered only two groups (one of hikers; one of mountain bikers)Conducted both Patrol & Maintenance907/20/2024


Volunteer Hour Submissions

Volunteer Name
Date Worked
Hours Volunteered
Volunteer Location
2024-07-24 12:08:51Mike Schumacher2024-07-239Sarvis Creek - Yampa District
2024-07-23 20:29:45Becky Lewis2024-07-2216Flattops - Yampa District
2024-07-23 18:17:44Laura Shindler2024-07-235Sarvis Creek - Yampa District
2024-07-22 17:21:05Elaine Dermody2024-07-206Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-22 17:17:06Win Dermody2024-07-2011Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-21 11:25:00Arlene Karlin2024-07-206.5Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-21 10:39:07Lori Wiles2024-07-206Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-20 19:02:13Laura Shindler2024-07-208.5Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-17 17:30:24Elaine Dermody2024-07-175Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-17 07:25:10Julie Chase2024-07-169Mt. Zirkel - Parks District (east side)
2024-07-17 07:23:53Julie Chase2024-07-149Flattops - Yampa District
2024-07-15 07:08:58Karen McNish2024-07-103Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-15 07:07:53Karen McNish2024-07-0910Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-14 16:08:37Cindy Kinnear2024-07-079Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-14 15:57:33Cindy Kinnear2024-05-302FOW Kick-off
2024-07-13 15:33:01Julie Chase2024-07-098Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-13 15:31:59Julie Chase2024-07-078.5Flattops - Yampa District
2024-07-13 15:30:48Julie Chase2024-07-068.5Flattops - Yampa District
2024-07-13 13:57:22Emily Seaver2024-07-128Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-13 13:55:16Emily Seaver2024-07-075Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-12 19:17:33Elaine Dermody2024-07-117Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-12 17:52:47Janet Panebaker2024-07-1111Flattops - Yampa District
2024-07-12 07:13:49Lori WIles2024-06-227Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-12 07:12:45Lori Wiles2024-06-084FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-07-12 07:10:24Lori Wiles2024-07-1111.5Flattops - Yampa District
2024-07-11 15:57:10Denise Scifres2024-07-202Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-11 15:56:32Denise Scifres2024-07-093Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-11 15:55:45Denise Scifres2024-07-084Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-11 15:55:00Denise Scifres2024-07-075.5Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-11 15:53:27Denise Scifres2024-07-055Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-11 15:52:30Denise Scifres2024-07-035.5Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-11 15:47:49Denise Scifres2024-07-022afternoon removing sheep from Seedhouse pastures and across road near campground
2024-07-11 14:31:40Rosalie Summerill2024-07-112FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-07-11 11:04:21Melanie Boone2024-07-0916Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-10 20:23:08Emily Seaver2024-06-127.5Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-10 08:33:22Mike Schumacher2024-07-099Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-08 11:43:58Laura Shindler2024-07-077Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-08 11:41:57Laura Shindler2024-07-077Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-07 19:19:59Win Dermody2024-07-068Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-07 13:01:00karen mcnish2024-07-029Mt. Zirkel - Parks District (east side)
2024-07-07 12:59:41karen mcnish2024-06-272FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-07-06 20:27:14Priscilla Jones2024-07-066.75Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-06 20:26:03Priscilla Jones2024-06-284Dinner and 60th Anniv event with Ralph Swain
2024-07-06 20:24:07Priscilla Jones2024-06-273FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-07-05 20:10:20Win Dermody2024-07-058Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-05 20:09:32Win Dermody2024-07-048Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-05 19:39:08Becky Lewis2024-07-0323Flattops - Yampa District
2024-07-04 17:25:32Elaine Dermody2024-07-045.5Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-07-04 07:32:41Julie Chase2024-07-0210Mt. Zirkel - Parks District (east side)
2024-07-03 07:57:26Becky Lewis2024-06-307Sarvis Creek - Yampa District
2024-07-03 07:56:54Becky Lewis2024-07-0210Mt. Zirkel - Parks District (east side)
2024-06-30 14:57:54Melanie Boone2024-06-307Flattops - Yampa District
2024-06-29 20:31:20Laura Shindler2024-06-294.5Sarvis Creek - Yampa District
2024-06-29 16:31:50Julie Chase2024-06-258Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-29 16:30:47Julie Chase2024-06-204Sarvis Creek - Yampa District
2024-06-29 16:29:38Julie Chase2024-06-118Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-28 17:36:26Denise Scifres2024-06-273FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-28 17:35:49Denise Scifres2024-06-265.5Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-28 17:35:00Denise Scifres2024-06-252Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-28 17:34:18Denise Scifres2024-06-203Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-28 17:33:45Denise Scifres2024-06-177Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-28 17:33:14Denise Scifres2024-06-163.5Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-28 17:32:29Denise Scifres2024-06-135Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-28 17:32:00Denise Scifres2024-06-122.5Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-28 17:31:30Denise Scifres2024-06-113Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-28 17:31:02Denise Scifres2024-06-094Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-28 17:29:44Denise Scifres2024-06-186FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-28 17:29:12Denise Scifres2024-06-074.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-28 17:28:33Denise Scifres2024-06-062FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-28 17:27:37Denise Scifres2024-06-053Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-28 17:26:19Denise Scifres2024-06-022Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-26 06:13:44Becky Lewis2024-06-247Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-25 17:28:04Mike Schumacher2024-06-258Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-24 15:15:19Becky Lewis2024-06-246Sarvis Creek - Yampa District
2024-06-24 10:51:06Denise Scifres2024-05-304.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-23 10:45:29Priscilla Jones2024-06-227Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-20 20:36:33Karen Desjardin2024-06-191.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-20 20:34:10Karen Desjardin2024-06-204FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-20 15:48:59Karen Desjardin2024-06-171FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-20 15:48:34Karen Desjardin2024-06-161FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-20 15:48:05Karen Desjardin2024-06-062FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-20 15:47:34Karen Desjardin2024-06-012FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-20 15:47:02Karen Desjardin2024-05-242FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-20 15:46:33Karen Desjardin2024-05-181FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-20 15:45:59Karen Desjardin2024-05-142FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-20 15:45:23Karen Desjardin2024-05-022FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-20 15:44:47Karen Desjardin2024-04-292FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-20 15:44:08Karen Desjardin2024-04-081FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-20 08:41:36Chris Godfrey2024-06-189Sarvis Creek - Yampa District
2024-06-19 19:18:21Becky Lewis2024-06-197Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-19 11:30:29Howard Kellogg2024-06-282FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-19 09:56:04Kevin Gilman2024-06-156Farmers Market
2024-06-19 09:55:33Kevin Gilman2024-06-118.5Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-19 09:54:32Kevin Gilman2024-06-086Farmers Market
2024-06-17 12:02:45Emily Seaver2024-06-169Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-17 12:00:29Emily Seaver2024-06-127.5Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-17 11:57:00Emily Seaver2024-06-082.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-16 21:02:08Chris Godfrey2024-06-118Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-16 19:20:00Laura Shindler2024-06-168Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-16 16:57:28Becky Lewis2024-06-166.5Sarvis Creek - Yampa District
2024-06-14 22:24:49Kim Hiser2024-06-083.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-12 21:43:53Laura Shindler2024-06-125Mad Creek 1100
2024-06-12 16:13:09Barbara Sparks2024-06-117.5Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-12 16:06:11barbara sparks2024-06-109.5Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-12 16:00:41Becky Lewis2024-06-127.5Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-12 15:57:14Becky Lewis2024-06-1016Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-11 16:15:53Dave Watts2024-06-108Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-09 17:15:41Melanie Boone2024-06-092FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-09 17:15:19Melanie Boone2024-06-084FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-09 17:14:39Melanie Boone2024-06-073.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-06 22:46:16Dave Watts2024-06-055.5Sarvis Creek - Yampa District
2024-06-06 09:33:18Dan Schaffrick2024-06-055Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2024-06-05 16:43:00Priscilla Jones2024-06-050.75FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-06-03 11:13:44Priscilla Jones2024-05-301.7FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-31 16:45:51Melanie Boone2024-05-314FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-31 09:56:11Melanie Boone2024-05-303FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-31 08:25:37Dick Grant2024-05-303FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-31 08:24:49Dick Grant2024-05-066FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-31 08:23:28Dick, Grant2024-05-062FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-30 10:19:00Melanie Boone2024-05-212.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-30 10:18:22Melanie Boone2024-05-143.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-30 10:17:51Melanie Boone2024-04-164FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-30 10:17:16Melanie Boone2024-03-193FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-30 10:16:34Melanie Boone2024-02-166FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-30 10:15:27Melanie Boone2024-02-202.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-30 10:14:24Melanie Boone2024-01-162.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-23 11:55:49Priscilla Jones2024-05-212.25FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-17 11:21:17Priscilla Jones2024-05-171FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-17 11:19:03Priscilla Jones2024-05-142.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-17 11:18:03Priscilla Jones2024-05-111.25FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-17 11:15:46Priscilla Jones2024-05-060.75FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-17 11:14:40Priscilla Jones2024-05-062FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-17 11:12:49Priscilla Jones2024-05-012.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-17 11:10:07Priscilla Jones2024-04-292.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-17 11:07:56Priscilla Jones2024-04-271FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-17 11:06:03Priscilla Jones2024-04-241.25FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-17 11:03:03Priscilla Jones2024-02-201.75FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-15 17:35:26Karen Pharris2024-05-143.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-10 13:45:38Nancy Kellogg2024-05-094FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-10 13:45:13Nancy Kellogg2024-05-037.25FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-10 13:44:07Nancy Kellogg2024-04-303.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-10 13:43:36Nancy Kellogg2024-04-274.25FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-10 13:42:53Nancy Kellogg2024-04-288FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-10 13:42:08Nancy Kellogg2024-04-196FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-10 13:41:38Nancy Kellogg2024-04-165FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-05-09 19:55:37Karen Pharris2024-05-021.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-22 17:52:24Priscilla Jones2024-04-162FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-15 14:24:04Nancy Kellogg2024-04-123FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-15 14:23:43Nancy Kellogg2024-04-096.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-15 14:23:04Nancy Kellogg2024-04-043FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-15 14:22:37Nancy Kellogg2024-03-284FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-15 14:22:09Nancy Kellogg2024-03-273FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-15 14:21:42Nancy Kellogg2024-03-265FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-15 14:21:06Nancy Kellogg2024-03-253.25FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-15 14:20:38Nancy Kellogg2024-03-244.25FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-15 14:20:10Nancy Kellogg2024-03-224FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-15 14:19:05Nancy Kellogg2024-03-194.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-15 14:18:25Nancy Kellogg2024-03-076.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-07 16:48:03Karen Desjardin2024-05-072FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-04 17:53:37Karen Desjardin2024-04-054FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-04 17:53:09Karen Desjardin2024-04-031.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-04 17:52:29Karen Desjardin2024-03-202FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-04 17:52:04Karen Desjardin2024-03-192FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-04-03 20:38:31Priscilla Jones2024-04-032.25FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-22 13:54:39Priscilla Jones2024-03-210.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-22 13:54:00Priscilla Jones2024-03-201FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-21 16:45:43Beth Langhals2024-03-142.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-21 16:45:09Beth Langhals2024-03-082.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-21 16:44:30Beth Langhals2024-03-013FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-21 16:43:40Beth Langhals2024-01-303FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-21 16:43:06Hank Langhals2024-03-212FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-21 16:42:35Hank Langhals2024-03-202FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-21 16:42:02Hank Langhals2024-03-193.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-21 16:41:05Hank Langhals2024-03-143FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-21 16:40:25Hank Langhals2024-03-123FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-21 16:39:36Hank Langhals2024-03-082.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-21 16:39:03Hank Langhals2024-03-012FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-21 16:38:17Hank Langhals2024-02-202.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-21 16:37:40Hank Langhals2024-02-103FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-21 16:36:37Hank Langhals2024-02-012FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-21 16:35:18Hank Langhals2024-01-303FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-20 17:12:14Priscilla Jones2024-03-192.6FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-14 22:06:18Karen Pharris2024-03-141FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-14 22:05:34Karen Pharris2024-03-071.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-09 14:02:03Karen Desjardin2024-03-072FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-09 14:01:42Karen Desjardin2024-03-062FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-09 14:01:08Karen Desjardin2024-02-232FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-09 14:00:48Karen Desjardin2024-02-222FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-03-09 14:00:25Karen Desjardin2024-02-121FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-02-23 12:28:24Nancy Kellogg2024-02-234.7FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-02-23 12:27:59Nancy Kellogg2024-02-202.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-02-23 12:27:31Nancy Kellogg2024-02-184FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-02-23 12:27:04Nancy Kellogg2024-02-103FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-02-23 12:26:33Nancy Kellogg2024-01-302.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-02-09 16:31:08Karen Desjardin2024-02-061FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-02-09 16:29:42Karen Desjardin2024-02-011.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-02-09 16:28:49Karen Desjardin2024-01-291.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-02-05 15:37:26Karen Pharris2024-01-111.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-02-05 15:32:58Karen Pharris2024-12-301.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-02-05 15:30:38Karen Pharris2024-02-011.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-02-01 16:56:16Denise Scifres2024-02-011.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-01-24 16:35:22Karen Desjardin2024-01-111.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-01-24 16:34:53Karen Desjardin2024-01-101.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-01-21 14:56:50Nancy Kellogg2024-01-163FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-01-21 14:56:25Nancy Kellogg2024-01-133.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-01-21 14:55:49Nancy Kellogg2024-11-115FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-01-21 14:55:12Nancy Kellogg2024-01-082.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-01-21 08:34:22Hank Langhals2024-01-163FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-01-21 08:33:40Hank Langhals2024-01-092FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-01-20 13:46:56Priscilla Jones2024-01-181FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-01-20 13:46:05Priscilla Jones2024-01-161.3FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-01-20 13:44:45Priscilla Jones2024-01-111.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-01-19 18:43:51Laura Foulk2024-01-162FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-01-19 18:40:13Laura Foulk2024-01-161FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-01-06 11:40:00Priscilla Jones2023-12-261FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2024-01-06 11:39:35Priscilla Jones2023-12-241FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-12-23 14:35:56Nancy Kellogg2023-12-232FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-12-23 14:35:33Nancy Kellogg2023-12-194FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-12-23 14:34:59Nancy Kellogg2023-12-022FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-12-23 14:34:34Nancy Kellogg2023-12-054.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-12-23 14:34:05Nancy Kellogg2023-11-306.25FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-12-23 13:33:34Becky Lewis2023-12-202FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-12-23 13:33:00Becky Lewis2023-12-192.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-12-23 13:32:30Becky Lewis2023-12-182FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-12-11 10:52:25Karen Pharris2023-12-051.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-12-08 17:01:52Priscilla Jones2023-12-081FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-12-03 10:59:45Gary Pon2023-11-293FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-12-01 14:11:37Priscilla Jones2023-11-291.7FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-12-01 14:10:11Priscilla Jones2023-11-302.7FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-12-01 14:08:37Priscilla Jones2023-12-010.3FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-12-01 12:19:14Becky Lewis2023-12-014FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-12-01 12:18:39Becky Lewis2023-11-308FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-12-01 12:18:13Becky Lewis2023-11-2710FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-11-27 16:37:01Nancy Kellogg2023-11-274.75FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-11-27 16:36:32Nancy Kellogg2023-11-205.4FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-11-27 16:35:59Nancy Kellogg2023-11-184.25FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-11-27 16:34:46Nancy Kellogg2023-11-146.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-11-27 16:33:57Nancy Kellogg2023-11-084FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-11-27 16:33:29Nancy Kellogg2023-11-065.25FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-11-27 16:32:54Nancy Kellogg2023-11-023.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-11-27 16:32:17Nancy Kellogg2023-10-315.2FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-11-24 12:32:48Priscilla Jones2023-11-240.5FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-11-24 12:00:38Dan Schaffrick2023-11-162FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-11-24 12:00:12Dan Schaffrick2023-10-302FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-11-22 20:23:24Jay Gallagher2023-11-224Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2023-11-16 14:09:05Gary Pon2023-11-143FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-11-08 11:00:54Melanie Boone2023-11-082FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-11-06 17:10:12Melanie Boone2023-11-064FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-11-06 17:09:44Melanie Boone2023-10-302FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-11-03 15:06:52KAREN PHARRIS2023-10-026Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2023-11-03 15:05:52KAREN PHARRIS2023-11-022FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-10-31 15:42:29Priscilla Jones2023-10-302FOW Business - Admin, Training, etc.
2023-10-19 21:00:50Dan Schaffrick2023-10-196Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2023-10-09 19:29:37Barbara Sparks2023-10-097Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2023-10-09 17:10:58Dan Schaffrick2023-10-097.5Mt. Zirkel - HPBE District (west side)
2023-10-08 09:49:44Howard Kellogg2023-10-068Mt. Zirkel - Parks District (east side)
2023-10-06 17:42:13Jay Gallagher2023-10-067Mt. Zirkel - Parks District (east side)
2023-10-06 17:33:38Dan Schaffrick2023-10-068Mt. Zirkel - Parks District (east side)
2023-10-06 15:18:00Sue Hoelzer2023-10-068Mt. Zirkel - Parks District (east side)

Volunteer Roster

All Friends of Wilderness volunteer names, e-mails and contact information are to be used for the sole purpose of FOW business.
First Name
Last Name
Role in Organization
Phone #1
Phone #2
MelanieBooneVice PresidentCrosscut A / Ambassadorboonemel1@gmail.com435-616-4346
DonCampbellCrosscut Adonc970@gmail.com303-888-0811
DaveCarleyCrosscut Bskijorr@yahoo.com970-879-1510
JennyCorriganjenstraub@aol.com847 951 5575
WinDermodyCrosscut B / Ambassadorrangerwinchester@gmail.com970-871-1343970-846-5891
LauraFoulkTrail Ambassador CoordinatorAmbassadorlaurafoulk@gmail.com970-819-4901
BetsyFrickCrosscut Abetsyk1@q.com970-819-8354
DickGrantCrosscut B / Ambassadorrlgrant1@gmail.com970-871-4512970-846-6017
HowardKelloggCrosscut B / Ambassadorhkellogg@earthlink.net760-996-5581
BradKruelskiePresidentCrosscut Bbrad.kruelskie@gmail.com832-490-6868
LeilaKruelskieCrosscut Aleila.kruelskie@gmail.com832-247-2128
HankLanghalsBoard MemberCrosscut Bhlanghals@gmail.com614-206-3443
MichaelLymanCrosscut A / Ambassadormlyman218@gmail.com443-326-9061
FredMitchellCrosscut Afredmcm@yahoo.com765-586-0884
JerryMoscoeTrail Maintenance CoordinatorCrosscut
BillMulliganCrosscut A
GaryPonCrosscut B / AmbassadorGaryK243@comcast.net303-204-8140
CurtisRogersBoard MemberCrosscut B / Ambassadorcurt.1rogers@gmail.com970-819-9449970-879-6449
BillSandersCrosscut Bsandtrad@cmn.net970-819-5536970-879-7934
DanSchaffrickCrosscut B / Ambassadorschaffrick@comcast.net970-846-2258970-846-2258
DeniseScifresCrosscut B / Ambassadordlscifres@scifres.org719-966-9977
RobertScifresCrosscut B / Ambassadorrscifres@scifres.org719-221-1938
TonySeaverCrosscut B / Ambassadortonys75657@aol.com970-879-2236970-819-1203
LoriShalerTrainee - AmbaassadorLorishaler@gmail.com602-321-4786
LynnSidmanNew Member CoordinatorAmbassadorlynnsidman@gmail.com847-302-0753
JackSmithCrosscut Bjacksmith4358@gmail.com214-543-6638
EmmettStaffordCrosscut B / Ambassadoremmett.stafford@gmail.com970-870-3001970-819-6447
RodgerSteenCrosscut B / Ambassadorrgsteen8@gmail.com303-807-8024
DavidWallaceCrosscut Bdavidk1@q.com970-846-6706
DaveWattsCrosscut Bcodave1968@gmail.com260-443-4612